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Thursday, July 22, 2010


Hey 2K Sports Fans,
It’s that time of year again. We are ramping up for another year of your favorite NBA 2Kfranchise. 
2K Sports 迷,又到這個時候了, 我們正朝著你們最喜愛的NBA2K系列邁進。

Last year, it was a great pleasure of ours to introduce the Developer Insight program aimed at providing you the most hardcore look at our amazing features. It was important for us to provide to you, our most loyal fans, the inside info on the small details that our team takes such pride in. The program also introduced you to some of the great team members we have working on our titles, many of whom have worked on every NBA 2K title since the days of the Sega Dreamcast. 
去年, 是我們的榮幸向你介紹“開發搶先看”節目,旨在為你們介紹核心的最令人驚訝的特色。 為你們介紹我們團隊最引以為豪的小細節是非常重要的,你們是我們最忠實的粉絲。 這個節目也會為你介紹我們團隊成員,當中還有一些已經從世嘉 Dreamcast開始便加入NBA 2K團隊。

Between now and launch day on October 5th, you can expect at least one entry a week (we’re aiming for at least a dozen) that will break down things such as gameplay enhancements, what you can expect online, improvements to such great NBA 2K10 features as NBA Today and My Player – you get the idea. From the presentation polish to the deepest features, you’ll get to read about it all here. There will be more detail in these Insights than most anywhere so make sure to turn your attention to this page often.
從現在到10月5號發佈日, 最少每個星期都會有一篇介紹(我們目標最少會發佈12篇),關於對遊戲性的提高, 你所能期待的online體驗, NBA 2K10 某些特色的改良例如 NBA Today 和 My Player 模式 - 大致就這些內容。 從華麗的畫面 到 最富有深度有特色, 你在這裡都會一覽無餘。 相比其他地方,在這裡你會得到最多有關於“開發搶先看”的內容,所以請多關注這個頁面咯。

As you’ll see from our upcoming releases like the stuff tomorrow that I have been teasing like mad today, Developer Insights are aimed to give trailers, screens, event coverage, articles, etc. greater context with specific details about what development was thinking when deciding to add or change each particular feature. Our first entry tomorrow is a bit of a surprise and I personally can’t wait to read your feedback on it.
“開發搶先看”會公佈視頻,畫面,活動相關,文章等等。 大幅度的內容,更詳細的介紹關於開發時想加入或者改變的某些特別的東西。我們明天的第一篇報導會很讓你驚訝,我迫不及待的等著去看你們的回覆。

Since you’re familiar with Developer Insights from last year, I’d love to hear thoughts on how we can make this program better for 2K11, so please feel free to leave me feedback in the comments section below. I also want to point out a couple of quick things to look out for in the coming months. We are planning on a slight web transition, with some pretty awesome stuff in store that’ll improve the way we interact with you and the way you can interact with each other. The location of these Developer Insights, however, may change during that time so I’ll make sure to alert you when the time comes. As always, if you ever need to get a hold of me, you can reach me easily on Twitter . 
你已經很瞭解去年的“開發搶先看”, 我很希望能聽到你們的建議,讓2K11的搶先看節目更加好,所以請把你們的寶貴建議寫下。 我還想指出一兩件在這個月值得關注的事情,我們計劃在網頁上進行一些改革,增加一些好玩的東西,強化我們和你們互動性。 "開發搶先看"的內容地址可能會改變,在我們網頁維護的期間,不過屆時我會通知大家的。 就跟往常一樣,要聯繫我就關注Twitter吧。

Thanks for being such great fans. I am always amazed with how you guys get out there and spread the word about all our sports franchises. Let everyone know that we will be better than ever with NBA 2K11 and that Michael Jordan will be coming with us!

Ronnie 2K

NEXT NBA 2K11 Developer Insight - "TBD" by TBD, Thursday, July 22nd, 2010

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