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Thursday, July 29, 2010


Please rate the roster 5 stars so it appears over imposter rosters who continue to take my name in vain.
It would also be appreciated if a low rating were given to users that need to drop my name to garner downloads for their roster.
SPECIFICALY: Any files by NBA Bound25, as he doesn't see whats so "serious" about continuing to use someone else's name to market a roster.


The roster is NOT complete yet. There are about 7 teams I haven't adjusted ages/contracts for yet, but that's because the teams I have completed I have really refined. As usual, my ratings are the most accurate and detailed you'll find. Those teams should hopefully be finished in the next two weeks.
球員變動還沒有結束。有大約7支隊伍,我還沒有校正完年齡或是合同,不過那是因為我想要做到最精確。像往常一樣,你會發現我的數據是最精確,最細緻的。這些球隊(名單)有望在兩週內全部完成。 (這表示下面的球隊數值中,未來兩週還有一些會變化!)

91 Heat - They're putting the finishing touches on one of the most significant power balance shifts in NBA history.
91 熱隊 - 他們在造就NBA 歷史上最富有攻擊性的球隊。

86 Bulls - Adding Boozer gives them the post presence they've been looking for all decade, but where are the 3pt shooters?
86 公牛 - Boozer的到來,填補了公牛尋找了10年了的內線,不過他們的3pt射手呢?      

85 Bucks - Team won 46 last year, took Hawks to 7 without Andrew Bogut, and added Maggette and Gooden to the roster.
85 雄鹿 - 贏了46場比賽,沒有Andrew Bogut都把鷹隊戰到第7場,還有 Maggette 和 Gooden 的加入。

83 Celtics - The big three are back, but they'll have their hands full with a revamped conference and an injured Kendrick Perkins.
83 凱爾特人 - 三巨頭回來了,但是他們要面對著這整個區的變革,還有受傷的Kendrick Perkins.

83 Bobcats - Honestly, I'm very interested in seeing how Shaun Livingston plays for Larry Brown. Livingston has length and loves to defend.
83 山貓 - 說真的,我很看好在Larry Brown帶領下的Shaun Livingston。Livingston 有遠程能力還很積極的防守。

82 Magic - Orlando downgraded from Barnes/J-Will to Q-Rich/Duhon. 
82 魔術 - 奧蘭多失色不少啊, Barnes/J-Will 被換成 Q-Rich/Duhon。

81 Hawks - Unless they can sign Shaq, they re-signed Joe Johnson to the max in order to contend for the 5th/6th seed for the next 5 years.
81 老鷹 - 除非他們能簽到Shaq,續約Joe Johnson, 在未來的5年,最大程度也只能為5th/6th的位置而戰。

81 Sixers - Turner will bring this flawed team back to playoffs
81 76人 - Turner會帶著這個殘缺的隊進入季後賽

79 Knicks - It's gonna take more than swapping David Lee for Amare Stoudemire to get this bunch to the playoffs.
79 尼克斯 - 交換David Lee和Amare Stoudemire,需要做更多才能讓這隊進入季後賽。

78 Pacers - Need to get off their ass and do something before it's too late.
78 步行者 - 別守株待兔了,趕緊做點什麼吧,不然就太晚了。

77 Nets - Quietly improved their bench but shouldn't be looking at much more than 30 wins.
77 網隊 - 靜靜地改進他們的板凳,不過最多也就是贏30場的實力。

76 Pistons - Can they blow this team up already?
76 活塞 -     已經自滅?                                                                   【抱歉,這句我不知道該怎麼翻譯】

74 Wizards - Team has three PGs and might be starting Yi Jianlian. Balance issues much?
74 奇才 - 擁有3個PG還有個可能首發的 Yi Jianlian, 平衡嗎?

72 Cavaliers - Added Sessions and Hollins, but they're not done tearing it down yet. Trading Anthony Parker should be next.
72 騎士 - Sessions 和 Hollins 的 加入, 不過還有換人動作,下個會是交易Anthony Parker?

71 Raptors - Is it any coincidence that two teams became the worst in the league in order to make one a super team?
71 猛龍 - 聯盟兩支最差的球隊,合成一個超級隊,有這種事嗎?

87 Lakers - Adding Matt Barnes to a team that has Artest/Odom/Gasol up front is just another case of the rich getting richer.
87 湖人 - 本來就有Artest/Odom/Gasol,現在Matt Barnes的加入,讓這只強隊變得更強。

84 Blazers - Return to health makes them as dangerous as any western power.
84 開拓者 - 回到健康狀態的開拓者就跟其他西部強隊一樣危險。

84 Rockets - Yao's return will be much anticipated.
84 火箭 - 非常期待姚明的回歸.

84 Nuggets - Al Harrington is a big upgrade over Malik Allen, but the question always is: Will they defend?
84 掘金 - 相比Malik Allen,Al Harrington將讓球隊升級,不過還是那個問題:他們能防守麼?

84 Thunder - Can they improve from within again, or will they suffer some regression?
84 雷霆 - 他們能再次自我增值麼,還是將要面臨衰退?

83 Spurs - They are caught in a weird place... their playoff run (upset of 2nd seed, but swept by 3rd seed) leaves many questions about whether they're a contender or also-ran.
83 馬刺 - 他們的季後賽表現 (滅了2號種子,卻被3號種子橫掃)遺留下來的問題就是他們能否奪冠。

83 Mavericks - Not to hate, but if Shawn Marion is their 7th man in only the 2nd season of his 5 year contract, then that was a god-awful signing (which was my sentiment exactly a year ago).
83 小牛 - 如果Shawn Marion是球隊第七人,還是在5年合同的第2年,那麼這是一個非常悲劇的簽約(這正是我去年對他的看法) 

82 Jazz - They replaced Boozer with Big Al, but the bench is still thin and Mehmet Okur's health is questionable.
82 爵士 - 用大AI 取代 Boozer, 但是板凳依然那麼不夠深度,Mehmet Okur的傷癒狀態還是個問號。

81 Grizzlies - They improved their depth, but still a starless team despite doling out a max contract to Rudy Gay. They still need many other teams to get worse in order to sniff playoffs.
81 灰熊 - 加大深度,但是依然是個沒有明星球員的球隊,雖然跟Rudy Gay有個頂薪合同。 不過他們需要其他球隊變得更差才可以進入季後賽。

81 Hornets - They have done next to nothing since draft night, which has lead to a league-wide CP3 watch.
81 黃蜂 - 在選秀晚之後幾乎沒有任何動作,只看CP3的啦。。

81 Clippers - Blake Griffin returns, but they just aren't talented enough to make noise.
81 快艇 - Blake Griffin 回歸了,不過他們依然是不夠引人矚目。

80 Warriors - David Lee gives the Warriors a legit all-star and front court talent they honestly haven't seen since rookie C-Webb, but teams need more than D-Leaguers on the bench to make the playoffs.
80 勇士 - 自從C-Webb之後,David Lee,難得一見的全明星球員和前場天才,不過球隊不能只依靠發展聯盟的板凳來衝擊季後賽。

79 Kings - Cousins and Dalembert immediately shore up the C position, but PG and SF are still huge weaknesses.
79 國王 - Cousins 和 Dalembert 馬上填補了 C 的位置,不過 PG 和 SF 依然太弱。

76 Suns - Sorry, but all those Phoenix role players are going to see their 3pt percentages drop quite a bit without an interior presence like Amare getting them open looks. Nash still had Shawn Marion when Amare 

went down in 2006. Suns have nothing close to a 2nd star, unless we are including Grant Hill's career achievements.
76 太陽 - 很抱歉,鳳凰城的角色球員將會看到他們3pt命中率的回落,因為內線少了一個像Amare一樣能為他們拉開空擋的球員。Amare受傷的06年,Nash當時還有Shawn Marion的助陣。太陽已經沒有多少明星了,除非我們把Grant Hill也算進去。

74 Wolves - They gave away their best player for draft picks, but they will be better this year. Of course, it's not tough to improve upon 15 wins, and they are still the overwhelming favorites to be the worst team in the conference.
74 森林狼 - 為了選秀權他們放棄了他們最好的球員,但是今年他們會變得更好。是的,要贏比15場球更多不難,還有毫無疑問的,他們依然是這個區最差的候選者。

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