NBA2K12 PC version Patch V1.0.1

Sunday, March 11, 2012


NBA2K12  大補V1.0.1詳細介紹

• Several matchmaking optimizations have been made in order to help users get into games quicker. This will reduce the amount of time the 「Searching For Opponent…」 screen is displayed for.
修正了尋找對手的功能, 這個將會減少尋找對手所需的時間. 
• Addressed a number of network errors that would cause games to end prematurely.
• Addressed an issue in Team-Up where certain conditions would lead to a player standing idle for prolonged periods of time.
• Corrected a Win/Loss streak tracking issue such that the 「Back to Back to Back」 achievement/trophy will now unlock at the proper time.
修正了連勝/連敗的問題, 現在"背靠背靠背" 成就可以正常解鎖.
• Fixed an issue that would cause large-user Team-Up games to hang at halftime if all users watched the halftime show in-full.
修正了多人組隊模式中, 所有用戶都無法跳過半場秀的問題.
• Addressed an issue that would lead to a disconnect in subsequent games when one or more users modified their playbook for the current game.
• A number of Association: Online optimizations were made to greatly minimize disconnects.
網絡王朝更加穩定, 減少斷線現象.
• Additionally, general optimization improvements were made in order to improve the overall online experience.

• Previously unlocked NBA's Greatest games and 『Gift with Purchase' Kings/Warriors teams will now remain unlocked after playing and exiting the Association/My Player game modes.
• Fixed an issue where the roster would become corrupt when attempting to enter the 『Legends Showcase' with unsaved roster changes.
• Fixed a rare issue that would cause the game to hang when attempting to skip the pre-game presentation in Season and Playoff modes.
• Corrected an issue where players could become duplicated after editing a Created Team.
• 「PIPPEN」 dunk package has been updated so that it can be re-assigned to Pippen when switched off of him.
修正了「皮蓬"的扣籃包, 現在編輯皮蓬是可以讓他使用他自己的扣籃包.
• Addressed issue where Created Players are assigned Cold Zones for all shot locations. This change applies for all generated players in Association/My Player modes as well.
• The Adidas Zig Pro Future and ZigEncore shoes should now have the correct shoe image associated with them.

• On-dribbler steal success rates have been tuned down.
• Tuned accuracy of directional passing in order to more reliably pass to the intended target.
方向傳球的準確度增加, 使用方向傳球時的傳球會更加穩定.
• Improved help defense, specifically for rotations on pick-and-roll situations.
增加了協助防守力度, 尤其在輪換和擋拆的時候.
• Defensive tuning on 3PT shots to reduce the success of contested threes.
• Addressed an issue on drives to the basket where the help defender wouldn't fully engage in the double team.
• Increased the velocity of lob passes into the post so they are less vulnerable to tips and steals.
• Reduced steal success when the defender attempts a steal from behind the ballhandler.
• Tuned player lunges on steal attempts such that they don't cover an unrealistic amount of ground.
• Tuned AI passes from the wing down into the post. The AI is now smarter during this situation, specifically where the perimeter defender is sagging off the ballhandler in anticipation of this pass.
修正了AI從傳給低位球員的傳球幅度, 現在AI變得更加聰明. 
• Corrected an issue where during online gameplay, a shot ball would 『re-launch' even after it had been blocked.
修正了網絡對戰時投籃被封蓋, 會再次投籃的問題.
• Tuned AI playcalling during late-game situations so that they initiate plays faster.
修正AI呼叫戰術, 在比賽後期執行快一些的戰術.
• Fixed an issue where the CPU ballhandler would take too long to pass (or in some cases, not pass the ball at all) when running a play in My Player.
• Addressed an issue where the user would inadvertently commit an intentional foul with a defender when attempting to contest a shot with his hands up.
• Tuned animation selection that would cause a player to lose forward momentum when attempting a Swat Block.
• Addressed a specific case where attempting a pass fake would cause the pass to be thrown.
• 8-second violations will no longer be called when the ball is poked loose and enters the backcourt.
• Training Camp: Triple Threat drill score requirements lowered in order to make it a little easier to complete the drill.
訓練營: 三威脅訓練的分數要求降低.
• Legends Showcase: Fixed a hang that would occur when the AI would recover a loose ball by diving for the ball and then sitting idle with it.
• Legends Showcase: Addressed a case where players who did not meet the requirements were able to throw a flashy pass.

• Corrected an issue where the game would hang after winning the NBA Finals in My Player mode.
• Trading logic has been greatly improved in this mode. In particular, your team's GM will no longer overhaul the roster once you join the team.
修正了交易邏輯, MP所在球隊的GM不會對名單做太大的修改.
• Your team's GM will now do a better job of acquiring one of your recommended players when he comes to you asking for potential trade targets. Be careful what you ask for!
• Fixed an issue where both teams in a game would be using the wrong playbooks on occasion.
• A few select season-long milestones (e.g. Shoot 85% or better from the free throw line) should now properly unlock when the prerequisite conditions are met.
修正了一些里程碑無法解鎖的問題. (比如在罰球命中率超過85%)
• The camera should now properly follow the action in your Signature Shoe Commercial.

• A number of trade logic improvements have been made for this experience (these apply to Association: Online as well).
• Addressed the CPU lineup building / player role allocation such that players no longer become unnecessarily upset with the direction of their respective teams.
• New coaching staff is now generated when you get many years into the mode. This will result in sufficiently skilled coaches available to be hired.     
當進入王朝模式多年時, 新的教練/職工會不斷出現.          

1. 解壓縮.
2. 複製所有文件到遊戲安裝目錄覆蓋
3. 開始遊戲

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